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Legislative Updates

Government should help not hurt

The 2022 Legislative Session began as expected. There is an all out assault on Home Rule. HB620 seeks to remove the ability for local government to decide what works best in their communities. Ordinances and policies that govern our local communities have been put into place to protect business owners and  homeowners alike. The leadership in Tallahassee seeks to fix a problem that does not exist.

Throughout this campaign, it is my desire to provide information relative to the actions taken by our legislature that are helpful as well as harmful and detrimental to local government.

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Hurtful Legislation

Attempt to Weaken Unions

HB 1197 is attempting to weaken unions by requiring public employees to sign a member authorization form every year to maintain union membership. Under this legislation, union members can no longer choose to have union dues deducted from their salaries. The bill is scheduled to be heard in its second committee, State Administration & Technology Appropriations Subcommittee, on February 8.

Juveniles Earn Second Chance

Helpful Legislation

HB 195 would broaden a juvenile’s ability to expunge their arrest record in Florida. This bill has received support over the last three years and I’m hoping this is the year we can help it become law. 

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